7 Online Marketing Tips to Boost Sales on WooCommerce Stores

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Setting up your WooCommerce Store can be exciting as lots of ideas come to mind while building your brand and strategy, especially in boosting your sales.

You can’t help but wonder how soon visitors will start to show interest in your store and when your first sale will happen.

Locking for that first sale can be a challenge too but you probably won’t mind, especially since the feeling of excitement and eagerness take over.

Then you start seeing visitors checking out your store. By this time, you’ll start wanting more traffic and more sales.

Who wouldn’t want their store to gain more profit and popularity?

Most people find the  technology is the most difficult aspect while in the process of building your online store, but this isn’t truly accurate.

Studies, as well as years of experience from online store entrepreneurs, have found that the biggest difficulty you’re likely to face during your startup is obtaining more leads and converting those leads to sales.

Fortunately, it’s easier nowadays to overcome these challenges due to the vast information that is available to you which can guide you while you shape your own business strategy.

For this reason, we have come up with 7 of the best Online Marketing Tips to help boost your sales in your WooCommerce store.

These tips have been proven to work well throughout the lifetime of your store, so get ready to learn and incorporate these techniques in order to optimise your business strategy for the long-term.


Establish a great personalised shopping experience in your WooCommerce store.

One factor that will attract more visitors to your store is creating a more personalised experience by aligning its details with what customers are looking for in general.

Consumers often shy away from too much information, especially when they don’t feel welcomed and comfortable.

If the message on your website is customised in such a way that it feels and sounds personal to the reader, you’re likely to gain their trust and interest and it won’t be a surprise if they’ll stay and want more.

Understanding the psychology of your visitors online is necessary as it can help you connect with potential consumers and ultimately, urge them to purchase from your store to generate more sales.

It helps to treat every visitor or click to your website as potential leads or buyers. To do this, you will need to make use of Woo plugins or other tools that will help capture these leads.

A good example would be visitors who have started adding products to their cart but eventually, decided not to move forward with their purchase. These are plugins that are specifically designed to focus on tracking abandoned carts on your website which you’ll find surprisingly useful.  

It would also be a good strategy to utilise email marketing along with your abandoned cart plugins or other tools that help capture potential leads. This way you can create personalised emails to entice the potential buyer back to your site to finish the purchase.


Use urgency as a means to compel buyers to take action.

Make sure to incorporate a sense of urgency throughout the content of your store. It is basic psychology that people are compelled to act quickly whenever the situation calls for something urgent.   

A good example would be creating post or listings that imply scarcity to compel potential buyers to take action.

Similar to adding deadlines or countdowns to discounts or special offers, this sets the feeling of urgency, thus, people are persuaded to make purchases before the countdown or special offer ends.


Once in a while place yourself in your customer’s shoes.

Placing yourself in the customer’s shoes is another great marketing strategy to help you boost your sales. A good understanding of your consumer’s psychology is an essential aspect of your business’ overall growth.

Take part in social media or forums to determine how to meet the needs of potential buyers without compromising your business interest. This allows you to get a gist of what consumers are looking for related to your business.

If need be, try to visit competitor websites so you can compare the quality of the shopping experience you’re offering your consumers as they visit your site. Be open to ideas especially the details that are lacking in your store.

Often times consumers prefer to purchase packs, bundles or packages where they can save more money or get bigger discounts.


Be active in Social Media.

Social media is another important marketing technique for WooCommerce sites. Millions of people use various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so it’s of no surprise why millions of businesses also have their pages set up in these platforms.

So, if you haven’t done so, make sure to sign up or set up a page in the above mentioned popular social media platforms. These platforms also offer ways for you to advertise your business such as through Google Shopping Ads, Facebook Ads, and more.

A survey was recently conducted that concluded many consumers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media. However, setting up a page on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter isn’t enough since interaction is necessary to keep your viewers and potential consumers engaged.

Keep your pages or account up-to-date by making sure all your products are featured and of course, responding to enquiries and concerns in social media. If you have to deal with a negative review, make sure to address the situation professionally. Try not to delete negative reviews since this can help boost your credibility unless they use derogatory terms.

Encourage your consumers to leave a review in your social media pages or accounts like sending a congratulatory email for example after their purchase with an invitation to leave a review. Some businesses also offer discounts as a way to entice consumers to leave a review and hone them into return customers.


Utilise SEO techniques on your WooCommerce Store

Utilising SEO techniques on your WooCommerce store is necessary. There are many techniques involved in SEO which we’ll probably tackle in more detail on a different article that could help boost your overall site traffic and sales. Some of the most common tips are using focused keywords, analysing traffic, creating unique and high-quality content, and more.

Getting a better understanding of how SEO works, familiarising how these techniques can be implemented on your WooCommerce store and how to interpret SEO results to drive more leads and increase revenue all play an important role in the overall growth of the business.


Feature Product FAQs in your WooCommerce Store

It’s a good strategy to feature Product FAQs in your store, specifically, the most asked questions. This gives buyers the convenience of obtaining information about a product they’re interested in.

Make sure though that these FAQs are written in a straightforward and comprehensive manner so it can be easily understood. Avoid using technical jargon and just simplify especially the answers to these questions.

It also saves them time instead of waiting for a response from a live chat or email support to answer their enquiries; they can easily look up the answers from the FAQs, thus, giving your support team a breather once in a while.


These are just some of the most important Online Marketing Tips to boost sales on your WooCommerce store. It may take time to implement these techniques especially the ones you aren’t familiar with but we’re certain you’ll do well as these tips are absolutely doable.

Don’t be afraid to seek help or ask questions if any of these techniques are unclear or confusing. You can even hire a marketing assistant or social media manager to assist you with some of these tasks.

Just keep in mind that there should be a steady practice and implementation of these techniques to your WooCommerce store and before you know it, you’ll start getting more traffic and sales.

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