How WooCommerce SEO Can Anhcor the Success of Your Online Web Store

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One of the biggest challenges WooCommerce business owners face is to attract targeted traffic to their store which will generate more sales and profits. By following some simple WooCommerce SEO practices, generating traffic isn’t hard. With a little effort and discipline you can generate an immense volume of traffic from Google to your online store.

Here are some important rules you need to follow to get to get the best results from your WooCommerce SEO efforts:

Site Architecture

The way your site is structured and the different pages which you have are crucial for ranking your website.

All websites have a home page and the biggest mistake most WooCommerce sellers make is they believe that the home page is the only page which needs to be ranked.

As a result they stuff all their keywords on the home page and also focus on generating backlinks only to this page. No effort is made to optimise the rest of the pages for search.

Proper site architecture requires setting up a few different types of pages. First you need to set up  category pages and also brand pages if you sell brands that people are looking for. Only then should you serve a product page.

Every page on your website requires an optimised URL structure, optimised image names, optimised image alt text and meta-title.

A three to five word content description is required to give whoever is browsing to find products or services online.

Create categories for products to simplify a user’s search experience on your website. A category is essentially the first place anyone who visits a website looks at so they can see different options and choose the one which suits them best.

For example if you are setting up a category for women’s swimwear products, first make sure the URL is set and then write keyword-rich compelling content on the page.

Content is king in SEO and this is honestly one of the biggest secrets for WooCommerce SEO.

Most sellers have no content on the category pages because they think it looks ugly. What they’re missing is the ability to rank five or ten spots ahead of their closest competitor and pick up a lot more traffic. If you have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), make sure it is included here.

WooCommerce SEO for Product Listings

Once the site structure is set you can begin adding your products. Make sure the main keyword phrase, in this case, “women’s swimwear” is used for the keyword slug.

Set up your meta-title which is essentially what Google looks at first. It tells Google this page is about women’s swimwear. Many experts recommend keeping the title relevant and under 60 characters long.

Add the right meta-descriptions, which is what pops up in ach of your listings. It’s job is to convince the visitor to click on the listing. To do so, you will need to get a little bit creative and write something that will convince people to want to find out more by clicking through to your page — especially if it’s relevant and compelling. It is also worth noting that while there’s no length limit here, search engines might truncate descriptions which go on for a really long time.

Using Alt-Text for Images

Google and other search engines cannot see and interpret your images as language so you have to help them along by describing the images using a piece of code or metadata called the alt-text, often called the alt-tag.

This text is the image’s alternative text which can be read by search engines and human visitors alike. This piece of metadata when properly attributed to your image in the HTML source code is truly powerful because it is a way to optimise your website for search engines. It can even be a source of new web traffic through image search. This is why every image on your website should have alt text.

To optimise your alt text for search engines be descriptive and accurate. At the same time refrain from stuffing keywords on a page. Keep the text short and simple, using no more than 16 words.  If you’re unsure ask yourself whether you’re writing alt text exclusively for search engines or if you are really thinking about your human visitor. You should always lean toward the latter.

Alt text is a tenet of accessible web design and is meant to make your content understandable even to those using screen readers, non visual browsers and Braille readers.

Off-Site WooCommerce SEO – Link Building

The next stage of WooCommerce SEO is off-page optimisation, essentially comprising link building.

To start with, send the first 300 links to your homepage. These will mainly be citations and social media links, so will not take very long to do.

If you are building this yourself it could take you about two days, but you can get it done a lot quicker by using the assistance of a WooCommerce SEO specialist.

In addition to this, you can also build links by asking influencers in your niche to share your content, getting some customers to link to your WooCommerce website, adding backlinks to online directories, posting on forums and through guest posting.

WooCommerce SEO Using Blog Content

Blogging is a powerful WooCommerce SEO strategy which also builds loyalty and adds to the reputation of your brand.

Tutorial posts are most often ones that provide the most value and also build trust with prospects. The more of these you add to your blog, the more traffic you can build over time.

Your blog content can also be crafted to answer the most commonly asked questions. This is extraordinarily helpful because instead of responding individually to questions, you can point people back to a detailed piece of content on your blog that is so much more helpful than it’s just a short email response. The blog post is also searchable online, whereas if you send an email just to one person, you miss you on the SEO benefits.

Linking your blog posts to each of your main categories can generate consistent traffic over time. Just like a pyramid with a wide base which makes it stable, link out across all your categories and then add one link to your ten main products.

These rules are the basics to getting started with WooCommerce SEO and the methods can be implemented yourself or by your staff members. Once you have gained some traction in the business and sales begin to flow, it’s best to appoint a reputed digital marketing agency to implement advance strategies to quickly grow the business.

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