Top Tips to Find an Amazing WordPress Woocommerce Developer

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Unless you know exactly what to look for, choosing the best WooCommerce developer can be a difficult task.

With no mandatory qualifications required, WooCommerce web developers face almost nonexistent barriers to entry in offering their services. This has led to the opening of floodgates for web developers of all skill levels which makes it even harder for businesses to uncover the best developers to execute their WooCommerce project.

Here are some essential tips to consider when choosing a WooCommerce web developer:

Look for WordPress WooCommerce Specialists

When looking for a developer, be wary of the ones who claim they can develop any type of WordPress website.

It’s also important to know that many WordPress designers claim to be developers. Both these fields are quite different, and it’s rare to find someone who is equally skilled in both.

During your initial exploratory call with web developers, scope the job correctly and identify who will design the WooCommerce website and who will be undertaking the custom programming. If it’s the same person who will be performing both these tasks, you may have a cause for concern. You will need to ask probing questions to satisfy yourself of the competency level of the person who will be working on the project.

Take a Close Look at the Portfolio of the WordPress WooCommerce Developer

The WooCommerce sites presented by a web developer will give you an indication of the quality and style you can expect when your online store is open for business.

Look for features and design elements which you require in your website. For example, you may require demo videos, Live Chat, a blog and other features as mandatory.

You may require a website which needs more complex programming, in which case make sure you discuss this with the developer to find out if they can meet with your expectations.

Does the WordPress WooCommerce Developer Understand Online Marketing?

Stores in shopping malls have the advantage of getting visitors without having to pay for marketing. It’s why shopping centres are able to command premium rents in most major city outlets.

When online shops first emerged, there wasn’t much competition and willing shoppers did not have much of a choice on where they could buy from. All it took was a web site with a few products and a reliable payment gateway for sales to come flooding in.

In the last decade, the number of online stores had ballooned to unimaginable proportions, and the competition is intense. Generating traffic and retaining the attention of the ideal prospect for more than just a few seconds can make the difference between your website visitor buying from you or from your competitor.

At the least your web developer should have the capability to build WooCommerce websites that are optimised for search engines, so over time, you begin to generate consistent targeted traffic through your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts.

Coding and Database Design

The next aspect you should look for in a reliable WordPress WooCommerce developer is their capability to assist with an integral process for coding as well as designing a database.

It is obligatory to interact with databases in this phase. Additionally, there is also work required in writing back-end code. Only when any identified errors have been rectified can your WooCommerce website go live.

Updating and Maintenance

Once a WordPress WooCommerce website has been developed, it needs to be regularly monitored to ensure the store is functioning in all respects.

A reliable web development company should agree to take responsibility for maintaining and updating the website for a monthly retainer.

They should be proactive in updating the store with the latest WordPress features and keep abreast of internet best practices in a way that compels visitors to respond to the offers and new products introduced to them.

Responsibility for Website Hosting

Hosting your WooCommerce website is hosted is an often overlooked aspect when choosing a web development company.

Some web developers act as resellers for web hosting companies. In such a situation, whenever a problem occurs it’s hard to find out which of the two companies are responsible.

Often it results in the hosting company and the web developer blaming each other for the problem instead of taking the initiative to fix the issue.

If your WooCommerce store is particularly complex, this can lead to an extended downtime which not only costs you sales but also impacts on your reputation as a reliable store.

Ensure you are clear from the beginning about who will assume responsibility for hosting, email integration and automation before signing a contract with a web developer.

Think Long Term

Begin your relationship with a WordPress WooCommerce developer with the end in mind.

Your aim should be to develop a long-term relationship, rather than hiring a web developer just to build your online store.

Ensure you are clear about how your developer will maintain your site, what weekly reports will be provided and how they will invoice you. You also need to understand at what stage the task of building your store will be completed and when the maintenance stage begins.

If your web developer registers your domain, ensure it is in your name. This will ensure you will have complete control if at some stage in the future you need to change your hosting provider without involving your web developer.

Backing Up Your WooCommerce Store

Ask your developer how they will back up your store. Backing up your store is extremely important as WordPress websites are prone to hacking and if it gets infected with malware, you could lose all of the content, which would require you to build the website all over again.

Your WooCommerce store should be backed up regularly and your developer should have a plan for restoring content quickly in case your site gets hacked.

Finally, when choosing a WordPress WooCommerce developer, it’s also important that there’s a meeting of minds and the developer understands your requirements and develops your website accordingly. Your focus should be on quality, how long it will take and the cost.

Be wary of choosing a developer who approaches your WooCommerce website simply as a project. Your online store is a gateway to a lucrative income stream and you will need support to implement changes in the future.

Find a WordPress WooCommerce developer who has your best interests in mind and who you can rely on for the long term. If you’re looking for help to boost revenues from your WooCommerce store, contact us on [email protected] or call +612 9460 0581.

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