What Top WooCommerce Developers Recommend for a Quality Online Store

What Top WooCommerce Developers Recommend for a Quality Online Store image by WooProfits

Online stores are becoming increasingly popular among consumers, with more people choosing the convenience of buying items with a few taps of the finger on their smartphone and having the product delivered to their door, instead of driving to a store and making a purchase.

However, with a vast number of businesses selling the same or similar products, Woocommerce developers understand the challenge of building a top quality online store so it stands out from the competition, is user-friendly and loads quickly.

The following are important considerations WooCommerce Development experts pay attention to when developing a quality online store.

Fast Load Speed

While it’s important for a website to be easy to navigate and look attractive to the eye, the website needs to load quickly too.

Nowadays customers seek instant gratification and are impatient. If a website takes more than 2 or 3 seconds to load, your customers are most likely to leave and make a purchase from an online store which loads fast and allows them to make a purchase quickly.

Woocommerce developers are also aware that the slower a website loads, it is less likely that a visitor will return to engage with the store in the future, which could result in poor sales and a loss of market share in the long run.

Social & Mobile Integration

According to the BI Intelligence Mobile Checkout Report, by 2020, 45% of all ecommerce purchases will be on mobile phones.  

WordPress WooCommerce developers also emphasise the importance of social media integration. Although social media gives customers an opportunity to connect with your product or brand, to set your online store apart from competitors, it is important for customers to be able to locate your products on multiple channels.

For this purpose your WooCommerce store should allow customers to seamlessly integrate their social and mobile features, giving them a superior user experience.


Giving your customers the peace-of-mind that your WooCommerce Store is safe and secure provides the confidence they need to complete a purchase. As a result, fewer people will abandon your cart and your sales will grow exponentially.

Identity theft is one of the main reasons why many shoppers stay away from making purchases from eCommerce stores. Ensure that your website has an SSL certificate and all the security measures in place to prevent identity theft.

Special Incentives and Promotional Offers

Online shoppers have been spoilt for choice and sometimes it could be just a tiny incentive or an irresistible offer which could make the difference between clicking the buy button and exiting a website.

Offering first-time visitors free-shipping or an introductory discount are some ways that WooCommerce Developers recommend for increasing sales from new customers.

Returning customers can also be offered similar incentives, as well as other offers only available to existing customers, such as a special price on a product-bundle.

These kinds of incentives will win new customers as well as gain the loyalty of your existing ones for a long time to come.

UI/UX Coherence

Most of the time when visitors land on your WooCommerce store, they’re most likely looking to quickly find a specific product.

WooCommerce developers always recommend that the navigation throughout the site should be intuitive and logical. The larger the website, the more important this feature is, so customers can easily find the products they’re looking for without trawling through several pages. 

Frustrated visitors can cost you sales and simple navigation can go a long way to keep your sales pipeline full.

Easy Checkout

Once a customer has made up his or her mind to buy a product, the last thing they need is to find out where to enter their credit card details, so they can complete the purchase and get on with their day.

If your checkout process is confusing or involves too many steps, shoppers will leave without completing the transaction and sales will be lost. Not just that, they may also relate their experience to other friends and caution them against buying from your online store.

WordPress WooCommerce developers always take care to ensure the checkout process involves a minimal number of steps, making it easy for shoppers to complete.

Prominent Call-to-Action

A prominent and clear call-to-action makes it clear for shoppers on your store about what action they need to take when they are on your product page, before they leave your online store.

Use large fonts and a distinct colour for your call-to-action buttons. On the other hand, if you have blog content, have a clear call-to-action  at the end of each blog post, such as redirecting visitors to a product or to a contact form where they can ask more questions.

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