What WooCommerce Consulting Experts Recommend to Boost Sales in Your Store

What WooCommerce Consulting Experts Recommend to Boost Sales in Your Store image by WooProfits

There’s an unmistakable excitement around starting a WooCommerce store. When you open the doors of your store to the world, you expect a surge of orders for your products. In saying so, running and growing a WooCommerce store, can have its share of challenges. 

However, with the help of WooCommerce Consulting experts you can implement the right strategies, systems and tactics to generate consistent sales, increase profits and grow a reputable brand.

Here are some strategies that WooCommerce consultants recommend to help you stand out from the competition and run a profitable online store:

Make Your Customers Feel Special

Visitors to your WooCommerce store aren’t there to admire your products.

What they’re looking for is a solution to overcome a problem or to buy a product which satisfies a want.

To give your customers a unique and personalised experience, take the time to conduct some research and identify who your ideal customers are.

What is their day like?

What keeps them awake at night?

Why are they visiting your WooCommerce store?

How do your products help them solve a problem better than similar products sold by competitors?

Use the information you collect to personalise your tone-of-voice in every way you can — from the introduction on the Home Page to the product descriptions to your “About Us” page, blog posts and even the emails sent to customers.

Personalising a customer’s experience serves as a psychological trigger which. helps you create a connection with potential customers. They feel as though you’re communicating exclusively with them, helping to gain their trust and eventually leading to a sale.

The deeper you go into understanding buyer psychology, the greater your chance of connecting with your audience.

WooCommerce experts recommend sending customised email offers to customers on occasions their birthdays and anniversaries. It’s the “extra” effort which sets you apart from your competitors.

Another way to make customers feel special is to pick products from a customer’s wish list and pre-populate the shopping cart with these.

All they have to do is check out with just one click, saving them the time and effort of finding these products to add to their cart. Simplifying the buying process in this way encourages them to make a purchase.

Build a List of Qualified Prospects

Everyone who visits your WooCommerce store is a potential customer and should be treated as one.

Some prospects will be more qualified than others. For instance, visitors who abandon your shopping cart without making a purchase may return to buy in the future.

By capturing their contact details, customers can be sent offers as incentives, encouraging them to complete their purchase.

Even if these prospects don’t complete the purchase despite the incentives offered, they can easily be nurtured through a sequence of carefully written emails. Eventually, they are most likely to make a purchase when the time is right.

Create Value by Bundling Products

WooCommerce Consultants agree that the key to selling more products is understanding buyer psychology.

Analyse purchase patterns of your customers to identify what products they have bought in a single or subsequent purchases.

Then create packages by combining two or more related products and offering them for an attractive price. Ideally, the price of the package should be significantly less than what a customer would pay if the items were purchased separately.

Not only does your customer save by paying lower prices, but it takes less effort to make a purchase by ordering several items they would have purchased, in one transaction.

To get in-depth insights about customer preferences, join relevant forums and social media groups where customers openly express their views. You can also ask questions to find out their needs, desires and get authentic feedback on products you offer in your WooCommerce store.

Use Scarcity and Urgency in Offers

Whenever an offer is sent to your target audience, always include some form of urgency and scarcity. These are based the on persuasive psychology principle of the fear of missing out.

Some ways of implementing this tactic are:

  • Countdown timers on the product page
  • Discount coupons with expiry dates
  • Limiting stock availability

The underlying concept of urgency and scarcity is to compel customers to take action.

This is a tactic which works over and over again. You can also use urgency when launching a new product with an introductory low price.

Make an announcement about the new product and offer it at an introductory price during the launch period of four to five days.

A WooCommerce plugin can be used to set up a timer for a given time and date which makes the product to be purchased at the introductory price for a limited time. Once the timer runs out, the price automatically goes up and customers have to pay the full price.

Leveraging Social Media Channels

With more customers being influenced by posts, comments and recommendations of social media, it provides WooCommerce store owners with an incredible opportunity to promote their brand and products on platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

While it’s easy to set up a Facebook Business Page and get customers as well as prospects to Like the page, a lot more is required to make the page engaging.

Social media properties should be constantly updated with valuable content to keep visitors engaged. Ensure you allow recommendations on your page so customers can leave reviews. Whenever someone posts a comment or asks a question, reply straight away or within a few hours at most.

You can use your WooCommerce website to increase social media engagement. Make sure social media buttons are prominently displayed on all product pages, making it easy for customers to share products they like.

Every time a purchase is completed, send emails to customers requesting them to leave a review for the product and business on social media.

Keep an eye out for negative reviews. If they are spiteful or defamatory, remove them promptly so it doesn’t hurt your brand.

Customers often use Twitter to air their grievances or experiences. Make sure to respond to each suggestion, query or feedback. If you don’t have the time for these tasks, consider appointing a social media manager who can take on the responsibility of managing social media initiatives.

Q & A

Visitors to your WooCommerce store will often seek answers to some of their questions before making a purchase.

When they see these questions have already been answered, they are less likely to email support or use live chat to ask questions.

Most leading online stores, post answers to common questions alongside product descriptions. WooCommerce Business Consulting Experts recommend this for two reasons:

  1. It eliminates doubt and gives visitors the confidence to make a purchase
  2. It liberates your customer service team from answering the same questions over and over


The questions should be ones which are most commonly raised by customers and the answers should be simple and easy to understand.

Always remember that a confused customer will leave without making a purchase, so answers need to be clear and solution-oriented.

Just in case a customer has additional questions, consider adding a “Contact Support” button at the bottom of each question.

Following these guidelines for marketing your WooCommerce store will help you significantly increase your sales and profits.

What’s also important is to carry out a detailed analysis of your WooCommerce website, to ensure it is properly structured for attracting qualified traffic and optimised to convert visitors to customers.

If visitors are finding it difficult to locate the product they want to buy or technical glitches with the shopping cart are leading to transactions not being completed, your sales performance will be affected.

If you require help in growing your business, our WooCommerce Consulting Services may be just what you are looking for.

WooProfits business consulting experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your online store and uncover any hurdles which may be slowing down sales. You’ll also get a blueprint you can follow to take profits in your WooCommerce store to a whole new level the next level.

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