WooCommerce Copywriting

Boost Sales in Your WooCommerce Store By 60% or More in 6 to 12 Months With Compelling Copy That Turns Casual Visitors into Loyal Customers and Raving Fans

When visitors land on your WooCommerce store you have just a few seconds to capture their attention and convince them to buy your products.
Compelling copy can make the difference between a confused shopper abandoning your website and an excited, repeat buyer.

It serves as your 24-hour salesperson, customer service portal and guide.

Crafting copy that generates a responses from shoppers takes time and effort…which most businesses can direct to other income generating areas.

It also requires a high level of skill and takes many years of practice to develop.

That’s where WooProfits can help.

Get the WooProfits Advantage

WooProfits will create unique copy for your products which will improve search engine rankings and boost sales.

Here’s what you can expect when you entrust WooProfits with your copywriting requirements:

Your visitors will be compelled to take action
The content will be optimised so your products are easily found by prospects
The tone-of-voice will closely match your brand messaging
The copy will be simple and easy to understand
All copy will be delivered on time and within budget

WooProfits Copywriting Services

WooProfits can help you with all of your copywriting and content creation needs:

Product Descriptions

Clear product descriptions which balance benefits with features for the best chance of resulting in a sale

Landing Pages

Emotionally-driven copy for your lead-magnets, front-end offers and seasonal promotions aimed at quickly building your subscriber list and boosting sales.

Blog Posts

Strategically written blog posts to educate, inform and inspire your ideal prospects.
Blog posts will help build credibility, establish authority and drive targeted traffic to your website. Sharable content will also expand your reach in social media channels.

Outreach Posts

Content-rich posts you can publish on blogs of influencers who have a substantial following to expand your reach and be perceived as an expert in your niche.

Video Scripts

Build instant rapport with your target audience and boost sales through product demos, company updates or other newsworthy announcements. Sharable videos will expand social reach and increase your influence in the market.

Online Guides

Informative and educational content designed to complement your products and build credibility for your business in the marketplace.

Email Sequences

Email copy designed to maintain ongoing communication with prospects and clients.

Compelling copy delivered to your customer’s inbox will result in higher open rates, clicks and sales conversions.

Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and other Advertising Copy

Lower cost-per-click and increase sales with advertising copy written by an expert team responsible for generating millions of dollars in sales for our clients…and anything else required to convert more prospects to sales.

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