WooCommerce Expert Guide – How to Run Profitable Online Stores

WooCommerce Expert Guide – How to Run Profitable Online Stores image by WooProfits

With so many moving parts, the task of running a profitable WooCommerce store is a complex one, even for a WooCommerce expert.

 However, there are some fundamental marketing tactics which can help you attract the right customers, increase sales and grow your business.

 WooCommerce Hosting

Many online stores make the mistake of paying insufficient attention to getting the best WooCommerce hosting. One of the reasons is most do not think it will have an impact on sales.

On the contrary, poor WooCommerce hosting can lead to frequent downtime, which frustrates customers. When your WooCommerce site is down, potential customers cannot find your products and will not be able to make a purchase. Good web hosting will minimise downtime and other technical glitches which lead to lost sales.

A reliable WooCommerce hosting company will also help in protecting your online store from potential cyber-attacks and technical support in case your WooCommerce store gets hacked. More importantly, they should be able to back up your website content, making it simpler to restore the site if an attack occurs.

Optimising Product Pages

Your product pages should be optimised for search and design to help with ranking on search engines. 

Start with your product descriptions. Using keyword research, figure out what people are searching for online and make that part of your product title. Use the keywords in product titles and descriptions.

A product description is your 24/7 salesperson and every time somebody visits your product page, they want your perfect sales pitch. Take the time to create a product description which spells out the features as well as the benefits of using the product.

Use high quality product images. When photographing products, ensure every detail is captured and the presentation is appealing.

 A product video can massive value to your listing. Videos should demonstrate product features and benefits in detail.


 Include Schema Markups On Product Pages

 When someone searches on Google, before they even go to your website, they will see what Google calls, product rich cards, which is going to show your product image and some information right there on the search page.

 This is going to give you an advantage over your competitors and make you a little more visible organically to people as they’re searching on things like Google.

 If you perform a Google search for “schema markup testing tool” you will be taken to a testing tool where you can put your product page URL and find out if you have the proper schema markup.

 WooCommerce websites typically have good schema markup, so you can build upon that with the help of a WooCommerce expert.

 Optimise Your Product Feed

At some stage, your WooCommerce expert will recommend running Google Shopping ads to boost sales and for this purpose, it is required to optimise your product feed through Google Merchant Center.

You need to ensure your product title and descriptions are keyword rich and clear so that you’re showing up to people searching on Google Shopping when you’re running your ads.

 Otherwise, you will be at a disadvantage when somebody is looking for your product because your product feed is not very well optimised.

 Running Google Shopping Ads

 Google Shopping has now become very popular with more people clicking the shopping tab, essentially Google Shopping Ads.

 So if you want to be in that shopping tab, make sure that you are running Google Shopping ads. When running product ads, optimise them based on results.

If you have ecommerce tracking set up, you can see the revenue generated from each product.

 As time goes by, you can turn off the ads that aren’t doing as well and increase the budget on ads that are doing well. This will increase your return on investment over time.

 You can also run dynamic retargeting campaigns off of your Google Shopping ads, targeting your website visitors. People that go to your website will browse maybe two or three products, as they are surfing the internet after that on the Google Display Network which has thousands of websites online.

 They will see banner ads for your brand actually showing the specific products that they looked at. This will stay on top of mind until they are ready to buy your products.

When they click on the ad, they will be able to purchase the product from your website.

 Run Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram are two channels which people spend a huge amount of time on.

Targeting people on these channels is so intense that you can get right in front of the person that would be perfect for your product.

 For example if you are selling Invisalign treatment for children, you can target mothers that make over $80,000 a year that have children with crooked teeth.

These women are most likely to be able to afford the treatment and are likely to buy from you.

With the right targeting, taking advantage of Facebook and Instagram ads can play a big role in growing sales in your WooCommerce store.

 You can also run retargeting on Facebook and Instagram as well. So if somebody comes to your site, they look around but don’t buy, that night when they are looking through their Facebook feed, all of a sudden they see an ad for your brand.

 This brings your brand to the top of their mind and if they are ready to buy, you are likely to get a sale. By retargeting in a dynamic way you can bring a lot more sales back to your business.

 These are just some ways to optimise your WooCommerce store. If you need more help in driving traffic and increasing sales, Click Here to contact WooProfits to audit an existing WooCommerce store or build a new one from scratch.

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