Serve Eye-Catching Google Shopping Ads With an 85.3%* Chance Of Being Clicked On by Shoppers Ready to Buy Products From Your WooCommerce Store

Google Shopping Ads are a powerful way of attracting shoppers to your WooCommerce store while they are searching online for an item to buy.

Unlike regular text ads, Google Shopping Ads include product images, prices, reviews and other essential information which lead shoppers to make a purchase decision.

Shoppers drawn to image-rich, highly-engaging ads are more likely to satisfy their urge to buy.

It’s why conversion rates for Google Shopping Ads are usually a lot higher than what can be expected for Google text ads.

If you’re running Google Search and Display campaigns, Google Shopping presents a huge opportunity to grow your WooCommerce sales.

The ads are specifically goal-optimised and allow you to place highly tailored Shopping ads before shoppers when they’re most likely to buy.

However, running Google Shopping Ads can be quite complicated, as it requires a feed of products on your WooCommerce store to be shared with Google. These feeds are not easy to control without top-performing keywords being present in the title.

There are several other technicalities which require an expert-level understanding of Google Shopping Ads to profit from.

After helping hundreds of clients boost sales with Google Shopping Ads, Wooprofits can help you meet your revenue goals.

What the Process Involves:


Identifying your ideal target so you know exactly who should view your ads


Setting up your product feed so it’s 100% Google compliant and your products get approved


Assisting you to set up your Google Merchant Center Account if you don’t already have one


Setting up a new Google Shopping Ad campaign using the product feed set up earlier


Executing, reviewing and optimising your campaign to maximise sales and profits

If you’re looking to get the best results from an existing Google Shopping Ads campaign or set up a new one, WooProfits can help you every step of the way and easily exceed your revenue targets.

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* Adthena Research Reveals: Google Shopping Ads Drive 76.4% of Retail Search Ad Spend, generating 85.3% of all clicks on Adwords or Google Shopping campaign ads. This report benchmarks Google Shopping (PLA) ad spend across 40 million ads in the US/UK. From 267,000 competitors, encompassing over 1 million search terms.