WooCommerce SEO Tactics For More Traffic and Sales

WooCommerce SEO Tactics For More Traffic and Sales image by WooProfits

Optimising your WooCommerce site can be complex and is an overwhelming task even for an experienced WooCommerce SEO expert. If you own a WooCommerce store, search results matter. The better your SEO the higher your online store will rank in search results.

 Almost everyone relies on search engines to find the relevant products they are looking for and search engines are the biggest source of traffic for most web sites. As a result, SEO is the most effective way to get your WooCommerce site ranked and increase the amount of  visitors to your site. These aren’t just any visitors but people that have found your online store based on a highly intelligent algorithm that determined your site has what they’re looking for.

 Here are some of the most influential ranking factors that a WooCommerce SEO specialist will use to rank an online store to the top of Google. These ranking factors can dramatically increase your WooCmmerce site’s organic traffic.

Domain Authority

It’s no secret that the quantity and quality of the backlinks pointing to your online store is Google’s top ranking factor. So how can you get someone to link to your site if it’s made up of 100% product and category pages? The short answer is that you can’t. People want to link to websites that have valuable content.

This is why it is important for online stores to publish awesome content. When you do, you will build up your site’s overall domain authority, which will help your product and category pages rank in Google.

 In fact, ecommerce giants like Amazon very rarely have links pointing directly to their product pages. Instead, the sites rank high because of their sitewide link authority.

 Using content marketing, you can increase your WooCommerce site’s overall Domain Authority. The boost in Domain Authority will increase the rankings of your product and category pages.

 Product Page Optimisation


If you’re like most WooCommerce site owners, a good volume of your search engine traffic is directed to product pages.

 But more importantly, 100% of your conversions come from your product pages. In other words, the more traffic you get to your product pages, the more money you’ll make.The question is, how do you optimise your product pages for WooCommerce SEO?

The first step is to add some modifiers to title tags on product pages. To do this, add target keyword in your title tag. This can help you rank for dozens of long tail searches.

 For example, let’s say the target keyword for your product page is noise dog food. Instead of making a title tag simply dog food at petfoodstore.com you can a word or two that people are likely to use when searching for that keyword.

 The words, “best” and ”cheap” are common title tag modifiers and these terms will help you naturally show up for long tail searches that contain those words.

 Next, you can add magnet words to your title. Very few people optimise their title tags for click through rate and it’s a huge mistake. Google has stated that they use Click Through Rate (CTR) in their algorithm.

Even if they did not use CTR, it still makes sense to optimise your title tag with CTR in mind. This is because higher CTR means more clicks which means more traffic and higher sales. You can boost your click through rate by adding magnet words like Sale or Offer to the title tags of your product and category pages.

 Content on Key Product Pages

It is important to include at least 1000 words of content on your most important product pages. Studies have revealed that longer content ranks better in search engines.

 These findings also apply to WooCommerce sites. Google wants to understand what your page is all about and when you provide lots of content to Google, you help them do just that.

Also, when you publish long content, your customers can help you understand what they’re about to buy and this will also help you increase conversions.

 You probably will not have time to write 1000 words of content for every product page on your site. However, you can write long product descriptions for your top 10 product pages.


Optimise Target Keyword

Make sure to include your target keyword three to five times on a page. This has this has nothing to do with keyword density or keyword stuffing. This is simply making sure the main keyword appears on your page so Google understands what your page is all about.

 You want to make sure that the exact phrase in your product description at least three times.

 WooCommerce Store Architecture

Website architecture or how the pages on your online store are organised and arranged, is an important SEO consideration for any site.It is twice as important for WooCommerce websites because your average WooCommerce site has a lot more pages than your average blog or local pizza shop website.

With so many pages, it’s critical that your WooCommere site architecture makes it easy for search engines and website visitors to find the most important and relevant pages on your WooCommerce store.

The golden rule of WooCommerce site architecture is to enable a visitor who lands on your home page to get to any page within three or fewer clicks. Anything more than that means your site architecture is way too deep.

 Most WooCommerce sites tend to get the most links and therefore authority to their home page. If your website architecture is too deep, site authority will become diluted by the time it reaches your category and product pages.

These are some useful WooCommerce SEO tactics for boosting traffic to your online store. If you need implementing these or advanced strategies to help you generate more traffic and boost profits, contact us for a free audit where we’ll uncover exactly what’s needed to get your store to the next level.

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